Saturday, August 6, 2011


I don't know how to start but its is hard to think all the problem and all things about this life. Banyak masalah yg gabisa gue ngerti jlnnya entah itu apa, contohnya aja pasti lo jg ngalamin lah sebagian org, actually i don't know what to do now, banyak kejadian yg gabisa masuk dipikiran gue entah itu apa jg. I DONT KNOW!!! I've no idea why i must write it right now because i can't tell anyone,  its hard to start the conversation without manage the word for make them understand what i really feel about. It's too terrible for me, complicated and i don't know who's gonna understand and hear all my problems, sometimes i know who's talked bout my bad things and behind my back but they so nice to me front my face and i do nice too for you bitch. I just can't trust anyone right now, its feels like every body being hypocrite.That's all.